Editorial services

Developmental Editing

Working with the author's manuscript to develop it into a complete work – offering direction on the overarching plot, tone of writing, characterisation, accuracy and craft.

Fee: from £130 per 10,000 words


Ensuring your manuscript is accurate and clean, and working to house style, with thorough checks completed on all elements before your project is ready to be sent to press.

Fee: from £50 per 10,000 words

Synopsis & Cover Letter

For first-time authors looking to attract agents and publishers: the power of a cover letter and synopsis should never be underestimated – we offer thorough advice on the content and layout of both, and can suggest a few appropriate agents to contact too.

Fee: from £100


Carefully studying a complete manuscript, searching for inconsistencies while fact-checking every detail, paying attention to style, tone, grammar/spelling along the way.

Fee: from £100 per 10,000 words

Submission reading

Reading through agented and open submissions, searching for the next big hit, or scouring entries for competition winners – our readers have experience across the board.

Fee: on request


One of our editors is also an experienced (and extremely discreet) ghostwriter, specialising in non-fiction and memoir – available for both full-length projects and those where just a few final tweaks and tightenings are required.

Fee: from £3,000-£14,000