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A hub for indie publishers and emerging or self-publishing authors, Studio 26 (formerly Twenty-six Letters) was set up to take the stress out of book creation. A one-stop-shop, if you will, that moves your books from the reader’s pile through to the printing press.

With a background in art and design, and a 17-year-long career as a writer and editor, founder Vicki Heath-Silk saw the cost and time benefits first hand of combining astute editing with immaculate typesetting – just think, one person who knows the manuscript inside out working closely with the author, proofreader and printers to get the book off to press on time. It makes a lot of sense. Add cover designers into this close working relationship and book covers suddenly become far more representative of the story inside, while at the same time keeping ahead of the publishing trends.


Now, with a line of trusted freelance book creation professionals on hand, we are able to bring you a full service, taking the stress away so you can focus on selling books, attending events, getting rights deals, and maybe even reading a book or two yourself…

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